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KB:C versions, Video, Screens

3 versions of KB: Crossworlds, video presentation from Gamescom 2010, new screens

3 versions for KB:C

1C company has announced that King's Bounty: Crossworlds will be sold in three different versions. Before I go further still says that for now it does not concern France since it leaves our shores as December 10.

  • The first for a price of $ 19.99 will require the game KB: Armored Princess to settle and it will add all new features and campaigns Crossworlds.
  • The second for a price of $ 29.99 will be a standalone version of Crossworlds and will not request any other game to work.
  • The third will find ourselves in a pack Crossworlds more original King's Bounty for a price of $ 34.99.


GC 2010 Gameplay video

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New screens


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